Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do you have Eggs?

Wrote an article which was published in Business Line, about the current customer experience and the possible reasons for the same. Please look up the article and share your views.


Kishore Kumar said...

Hello Rajesh Sir...This is Kishore, who worked with you at RPG, Chennai and in Mumbai. I am still with ITC retail.Got a glimpse of your blog for the first time.
Title “Do you have eggs?” is catchy that it will catch anyone’s attention and keep the reader curious. Narration is so simplified that any layperson can comprehend.
As you said, ‘OOS’ as a problem if consistent with any retailer will definitely hit the customer loyalty and prove that there are no switching costs for a consumer.
If supermarkets do not have stocks of such a vital SKU, does the store manager have the flexibility to identify a Kirana retailer as his vendor and fill stocks in the store; this is for the management team to decide in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

Green said...

Hi Rajesh,

I enjoyed the article 'Do you have eggs'. should say plain speaking. An sure most of the readers would have expreienced the situation themselves. With big retailers opening and closing outlets every other day, their focus on supply chain has taken a back seat. I had been to one store recently and asked for an X brand of conditioner. To my suprise the salegirls did not event know the name of the band. She had to check with couple of other before letting me know that these brands are not stocked. Also, I think in their effort to promote instore brand, stores tend to deny certain brand to consumer.
Your point on Customer Ownership is going to make the key difference by which kirana stores are going to reinvent themselves and carry on to be consumer prefered choice if the large retail stores do not wake up to the needs.

Alok said...

In Indian Retail scenario, CUSTOMER is Cust Se Mar. we treat him like GOD till he bills after that he remembers god if he wants to exchange, return etc.
Also there is disconnect between frontend team and backend team in most of the stores.
How many organizations give liberty to there store managers to procure / place orders as per there needs? They send what they procure and little bit as per there sales contribution rest in only gyan then they expect stores to deliver projected results.
How many organizations give importance to audit of training, there focus is to send new members for training without measuring implementation.

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