Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It all comes back to you!

In my life as a Retailer the most common feedback/ complaint has been about bad service.
  • The staff are not helpful.
  • They don’t know anything
  • They are rude.
Etc. Etc.

However no one pauses to thing how rude, insensitive and demoralizing we are as customers. Today, while shopping there was a pregnant lady who insisted on barging in to ask questions when the staff were attending to me. Subsequently, even while billing, she landed up again and bombarded the cashier with questions although the cashier was billing my purchase. Finally the cashier turned and asked her to please wait at which point the lady turned around in a huff and walked away.

Before someone justifies this behavior to the hormonal issues and stress related to pregnancy, let me ask : how often does one behave this way - man or woman?

Very often is the answer.

Is it any wonder that service levels are dropping?

At the end of the day it all comes back to you. Be a boorish, insensitive and rude customer - you get bad service. Watch this funny video which captures the essence of what I say.

Next time you shop, try smiling, wishing the staff, put back things that you dropped from the shelf and you will see a whole new level of customer service unfold before you.
Video courtesy – Neo Naem, Facebook.


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