Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is the need regarding MRP!

A few days ago I saw a quarter page advertisement highlighting MRP (the maximum retail price) and how complaints can be lodged, etc. etc., as you can see on the picture above.

I have always propagated doing away from MRP as the context has changed in India whether it is in urban or rural markets. MRP is no longer adhered to or relevant and the links to my other posts are as follows for reference.
- The MRP scam!

Now consider the following –
  • In most places they charge more for soft drinks and claim it is for cooling! When most consumers are aware of this and pay up I wonder why no one from the Department of Consumer Affairs is aware of this reality.
  • The same is the case in any monopolistic market context. Be it a multiplex, Hill Station, Tourist spots, etc. If you want something you end up paying whatever is named as the price. I wonder if the fact is that officials of this department are so hard working, they never frequent such places and are therefore unaware of such practices.
  • Most of the overcharging happens in the vast network of railway stations and many airports. These are government run institutions. I wonder why no one has happened to notice this open disregard for the MRP?
I guess these Shop Keepers/ Retailers know the fact about market driven economy better than the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Especially in the Indian Context where filing complaints is easy but getting redressal or a solution is hardly if ever to be found, what is the purpose of such advertisements? Just blow up public money because it was allocated to this department in the budget???

In that context let me share a personal experience. For some weird reason voter id cards have been given to everyone in our apartment excepting our household. Multiple complaints to the local corporation and election commissioner’s cell did not have any result. Finally I filed an online complaint. All I have to show for all this is a nice pre printed post card saying that my complaint has been received and will be addressed soon by the corporation commissioner from the Chief Minister’s special cell. This came in 2009 and I am still waiting!!


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