Sunday, December 9, 2012

Point & Counterpoint: What about the issues that exist today?

It is actually very heart rending to hear of all the supposedly extremes that are waiting to fall upon and ravage our lives, thanks to the FDI announcement in Retail. One of the comments in the debate was whether the MNC Retailer will bother about the farmer’s daughter’s wedding or something like that. I wondered if the local moneylender and their bouncers are nowadays taking so much of interest in the welfare of farmer's family that they are killing themselves.
I Read an article about how we are losing Rice varieties in today’s paper (link to the article and discussion is on my page) and something we all know came to my mind. The poor farmer has never been a priority or in focus. Increasing use of pesticides is already rampant and what is being done about it? Cultivation patterns are more by default than design. What is being done about that? The children of farmers go away after studying to work in call-centres. We are OK with these young adults becoming telephone operators but are concerned that similar young people will become sales girls and sales boys.
While I am not condoning anything which is incorrect, I do ask for some objectivity from all those who are making this out to be the single, sole reason why India will perish soon. Also, neither am I saying that FDI in Retail is the panacea of all evil, it will transform India and soon we will all be driving around on gold plated roads. Everything has a good and bad side to it. Sense and sensibility is to use the good and manage the bad to minimise the negative impact. Let us do the same with Retail first and the FDI will sort itself out.
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