Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mobile and different; an innovative Retail Idea

The next article in my series about a sustainable retail model, focussing on the basics was published in 'The Hindu Business Line', today.

The article deals the first element of the model; A truly different store. An idea is presented for the readers to think and comment upon. Technically speaking it is not a store, but it is definitely a retail format worth exploring for India!

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Please do post your comments on the feasibility of this idea.

I would be personally delighted if any corporate or entrepreneur decided to experiment with this model and will be happy to provide inputs.


anil said...

I like this idea of Mobile retailing ,especially in India as it is still developing in Organised Retailing.But as mentioned in the article,it has got its own limitations to make it an organised business.
Also,the overheads will increase tremendously once a van(with chiller)comes into picture.I feel the end cost of the produce will increase tremendously especially for the cost sensitive category like Fruits and Vegetables.

kaushik said...

If you've been to areas like Vikaspuri in Delhi, you'd see a whole lot of these vendors. Starting with bread omlet in the mornings to dahiballes, masaladosas,pavbhajis and zillions of other cooked/processed/unprocessed/food/vegetables etc till midnight. Their success is unbelievable.

Not to forget our very own Alsa Mall Sandwitch men... they've opened up a whole new menu for snack food in Chennai.

They are my best inspiration to go retail.

puresunshine said...

I read your article, scope for exploring the idea further. When you mentioned a brand handling the supply chain, did you mean the branded retail houses already existing? Cause they have a supply chain in place. and by venturing into supplying unorganised retail, wouldnt they be creating competition for themselves? And right now the unorganised retailers keep all the profits. by partnering with a retail house for the supply chain under their brand, would they get an advantage?

Cool topic to discuss!

Ramjidass said...


Dear Rajesh Ji,

Heartiest Greetings of the Season to you and the group.

The proposed concept is certainly encouraging and practicable. It is just the right initiative which can make the difference. As rightly put by you & also by Mr Anil above, each initiative has its own roads blocks and this too shall have its own share. In fact I have come across some articles in TOI wherein some professionals have adopted a simillar Business Model to sell their Agri Produce. They use their own farms as backup, personal cars as vans and beaches at Chennai as selling points.

The idea is Good and can be developed.

Warm Regards

Ranjeev Manrao
CEO - RM123 Management, Business & Strategy Consultants.
Vashi - New Mumbai
Founder of Linked In Group - New Mumbai Business 123 (NMB123)

VR said...

With regards to the point raised by Puresunshine, the brand refers to any organised player. It could be existing retail players, anyone else who has a distribution presence. It might be competition or not depending on whether physical stores of the brand operate in that catchment. I would prefer to think of this as a penetration strategy and in some cases might enable the same without the high CAPEX and OPEX of a physical store.

Whether these vendors would see value proposition in this and participate? Depends on the overall benefits they get. Just like so many B2B customers have today adopted Cash & Carry instead of wholesale markets, cart vendors might adopt this model. It cannot be ruled out.

Madhumita said...

Something on similar lines already exists.....thanks to native Indian ingenuity.
In my apartment(in Bangalore), a vegetable vendor comes with his wares in a mini truck twice a week and sets shop in the basement for a few hours and is it successful.... u bet!
I have also seen a larger version - FnV on a mobile truck/van visiting apartments .This was a couple of years ago at L&T South City or Mantri Paradise.

Sandra said...

A good implementation of it and this idea could rock! I really miss the small vendors, with fresh fruits and vegetables. The supermarkets in the area I live are not so good in providing fresh vegetables and fruits, frankly speaking they are really miserable...(Cunningham Road Area in Bangalore) That idea could be a good solution for consumers, who will continue to get fresh products on their own road; for the small vendors by getting their stuff delivered on the area they used to sale; and for the supermarkets, by increasing their daily sales!
Great idea!!!

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