Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another innovative idea - A floating supermarket

Consumerfed has launched a floating superstore in Kuttanad – a novel concept – to sell essential commodities to those living in isolated and inaccessible areas of the backwater region. The story, picture and a video report can be seen on these URLs -


Video from http://newsx.com/.

This is an interesting innovation to help create a differentiated format. Hope to see many more such ideas in the Indian Retail Landscape.


meera said...

Not very innovative after all, 20 years ago when the Kashmir Valley was open for toutists, my husband and I went rowing on the Dal Lake and there were little boats selling groceries, targetted at the houseboat dwellers! In fact we have a picture, that I shot of Surf and Rin packets poised on such a boat with the wish to show it to Alyque Padamsee who was my grand boss. But thought he might think it silly, so never showed it to him. Will extract it from archives when I get back to India and send it to you.

VR said...

The first thought that did come to my mind when I read this news article was the boats with various kinds of merchandise on Dal Lake. I have also witnessed that interesting retail endeavour. I was also reminded of the various floating markets found in a few other cities abroad. However, would still like to call this an innovation in the Indian retail context because a full fledged, self service supermarket has been set afloat!

@Meera – Please do share the pictures at your leisure and also if you could pen down a few thoughts about it, the readers of the blog would find it of interest.

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