Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome to India — We are like that only!

The Hindu Business Line has published my article about the Bharti-Walmart's Cash & Carry store opening.

"When Sam Walton opened his first store all those years ago, he had the luxury of being a pioneer and could afford to experiment, make mistakes and perfect the model — without being under the public glare. However, the first store of Bharti Wal- Mart cannot afford this luxury. Apart from being in retail, it is a joint venture with a leading Indian and US corporate. Its every move will be watched and commented upon, second-guessed and debated. A couple of thoughts came to my mind while reading about the opening of the first store."

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Sathyaraj said...

My personal feeling is that most retailers detest shopping from a Cash & Carry format as they feel that they will not survive in the long term and if they break their ties from existing distributors it might prove to be suicidal later. If these foreign based C&C business can convince them otherwise, half the battle will be easily won.

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