Saturday, August 1, 2009

Retail Brand Building

Retail brand building happens at the customer’s home. Expectations created needs to be met and if possible surpassed. Take the example of this advertisement which I saw today. This retailer has smartly identified one of the core pain points of consumer durables purchase; Delivery and installation.

Note the promise of having a running AC tonight. After spending a fairly significant sum of money no one would like to chase the retailer or the installation team to start enjoying the benefits of such a purchase.

A simple promise to enable you to enjoy the benefits almost immediately is indeed a powerful one. If this expectation is met and maybe surpassed, where do you think the customer would buy their next consumer durable from?

So, where does the faith and trust in the retailer get built? At the customer’s home, post the installation when the room is chill and comfortable. Same is the case when one purchases almost everything, especially grocery and rice.

Simple but powerful truth of retail!


puresunshine said...

And its the delivery of such service which also gives rise to word of mouth marketing-- An important medium of getting customers, especially in India.

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