Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Deepavali/ Diwali!

Best wishes for a Very Happy and Prosperous Deepavali or Diwali depending on which part of India one hails from.

This is one festival or social occasion which not only unites the country (which even the myriad languages are not able to do)but more importantly, this is a true Retailer’s festival.

If anyone were to ask me what was a national day/ common festival or occasion for Indian Retailers, my unblinking reply would be Deepavali or Diwali.

Regardless of the mythology behind this festival which changes from Shri Ram’s return to Ayodhya to Shri Krishna’s triumph over the evil Narakasura, this is a festival which celebrates rejuvenation, hope, prosperity, aspirations for future prosperity and overall materialistic well being.

Is it any wonder that the festival is celebrated by purchasing all sorts of new things. It is symbolic of a new persona/ new beginning and an auspicious start.

Hey, all this is fine, but where does Retail figure in all this?

First of all, for most North Indian traders and businessmen Diwali is the auspicious start. I still recall the visits to the cloth wholesale markets with my father where on Diwali night, Laxmi puja would be done and the books of accounts taken from the Puja and a fresh set of accounts started. So, in that context, Diwali is definitely a trader/ retailer festival as it is unique to them.

At a slightly larger scale, pan India, the Diwali season accounts for anywhere upto 60% of a Retailer’s annual sales. Which other festival or occasion can come close to this in terms of Sales?

So, in that spirit – as an Indian and a Retailer, where Deepavali or Diwali is the biggest thing for most Indians, WISHING ALL MY READERS AND SUPPORTERS A VERY HAPPY DEEPAVALI/ DIWALI & A Very Prosperous Year Ahead. Special wishes to my Retail brethren, for the cash tills to ring continuously, loud and long during this festive occasion.


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