Saturday, January 9, 2010

An idea whose time has come?

On the 4th of Jan 2010, I got up to face the first working day of the year and decade. After a nice vacation with the family the obvious tinges of blues in the air while I was wading through the news paper. I turned the pages and suddenly my brain went into overdrive and all thoughts of blues or greens vanished when I saw the cartoon as shown below.

I saw this interesting cartoon in “The Hindu” and was struck by how wonderfully the cartoonist has captured the essence of an article of mine “Mobile and Different” which was published last year in May ’09.

Either the cartoonist has read the article and the thought was powerful enough to inspire this cartoon or he has seen and heard of expectations and indications from consumers and vegetable cart sellers and feels that the trends indicate such developments.

Either way, looks like the idea mentioned by me in 2009 is interesting and might even see the light of the day as its time seems to be coming, if not having come!

Cartoon courtesy: The Hindu dated 4th January 2010


Anonymous said...

Wow! you are able to see the future retail today n I am sure this will come true one day. I have read the article linked with this one. The above cartoon should have come along with your article of May'09. To that extent it suits to your article. Hats off to your retail vision.

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