Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mobile Independence

Yesterday while coming out of a forecourt retail outlet in a petrol pump, I saw this very interesting and impressive sight. A mobile Coffee and Tea vending person.

What is so great about it, when cyclists with a stainless steel insulated jar abound in India shouting out Chai or Kapi, depending on the region.

Well for one was the design of this vehicle which is best seen rather than described and is as below. More importantly is the person, Mr. Shanmugam who is a physically challenged person. Instead of moaning and cribbing about his fate this person has taken up an interesting vocation and has been at it for the last 15 years. Recently he also got married and lets all wish him a great life ahead.

He typically sells Coffee and Tea and has a few biscuits/ cookies on the tray (mounted over the front handle) as value add for the customers.

The sight of him reminded me of my idea/ dream/ vision of a mobile and different retail format and I have suggested that he expand his assortment to simple things like recharge cards, etc.

He was quite excited about the idea while also expressing apprehension that there were many elements on the street who prey on people like him. They typically take things free under the pretext of taking credit and then never pay up.

Any ideas on how such a menace can be handled by mobile Retailers?


Agn! Sharman said...

He must never give credit...
Credit to small biz like his kills.
Where is he located? (which part of Chennai?)

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