Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unleashing the Human Resource Potential in Retail

Coincidentally on the same day of my critique of the DIPP discussion note an exhaustive article of mine was carried in the “Brand Line” which is a supplement of “Business Line”.

Apart from detailing how Retail can harness India’s Human Resource potential, the article talks about how the same can have a significant impact on the Indian Economy. In a context where Retail is already amongst one of the largest employers in India contrasted with the reality that the majority of people employed would not even be paid minimum wages, Industry status is the most pressing need for Indian Retail.

The full article can be read online at Brand Line


Krishna said...

The article reflects real scenario of the associates in Retail Store. Sometime back I had one interesting experience in Fresh@Home retail outlet in Chennai, where the girl refuse the bill Condoms and she turned away and called for a male associate to bill it... :)

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