Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brand Raghu Pillai

Mr. P K Mohapatra who was associated with Mr. Raghu Pillai has penned a wonderful and very insightful article which delves into the man, mentor, leader and colleague named Raghu PIllai. His comments about Raghu being a hurricane is so very accurate and everyone who has been caught up in the force of that hurricane can testify to the life altering experience of working with him. Please click on the link below to read the full article.

Brand Raghu Pillai

Some of the more memorable quotes of Raghu are –

When presented with a complicated Excel working he would say “Stop this Excel gymnastics and tell me what it means and what you will do with it”.
  • His comment “English jhadna band kaar” (Stop spouting English) has been the guiding light to making crisp and meaningful presentations for many.
  • The customer is always right was not mere words and he walked the talk by briefing the cashiers during any store launch to not argue about promotions.
  • Lastly his perspective of the larger picture and its components was amply illustrated when he told someone who was discussing compensation; “I don’t think a few thousands here or there will significantly affect the balance sheet of this company”
 Many more such memories fill my mind and will continue to do so…..


sriram's library said...

Raghu to my mind has been the most charismatic leader that I have directly worked under in my career spanning almost 2 decades. Some of best qualities that I have noticed in Raghu is his incredible ability to spot talent and encourage them towards achieving more than possibly they themself would have believed in. His memory was simply an Elephant's memory. His grasp on numbers and capturing the big picture and setting a vision was unparalleled. I have never come across a Leader for whom so many able followers would die for. Last but not the least who can forget his SMILE.... Raghu, you live amongst all of us every day since we cant have enough of you anytime and we would try to live your values and carry on your vision in times to come.....

Sriram Mahadevan

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