Monday, December 24, 2012

Point & Counterpoint: Jugaad is a great competitive advantage

Jugaad; an essentially Indian word which stands for the ability to work out an out of the box solution for problems. The solution may be permanent or not, but it does work as a quick fix and definitely helps makes life easier.
Recently when I had been to a newly developing part of Chennai for some classes I saw this very interesting sight; heavy duty electrical cables joined together in an impromptu manner and then capped with cut off pieces of water bottles.

An interesting and amazing Jugaad!
Sure, this is not very safe and neither is this long lasting but it provides an interim solution and keeps things working. More importantly it does serve the intended functional purpose.
Click here to read a wonderful Retail perspective to Jugaad and join the discussion about whether this will continue to be their core competitive advantage and also be sustainable.


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