Sunday, December 2, 2012

Point & Counterpoint: A new idea for online discussion

"Point & Counterpoint" is a new idea that I would like to try to engage the readers of this blog. Some perspective about Retail, Indian Retail, Stores, Shopping, Customers, etc., will be shared on the blog as also on my Facebook Page. Please visit the page to share your comments and views and enable a discussion with points and counterpoints.To differentiate such posts, the title would start with the phrase "Point& Counterpoint".
Lets start the first such discussion on the hot topic Retail FDI. Here goes....
An article in "The Hindu" is about saying NO to the Retail FDI. Written by a Prof who has worked in a PSU bank earlier, he tackles this from a pure Foreign Vs Domestic fund perspective. One of his main contention is that banks are flush with funds and why are we seeking FDI?
Yet another completely flawed perspective from 3 points of view -
First of all Retail is not an industry and any business which does not fall under a specific industry classification has a tough time getting funding from banks, esp PUS banks. Especially start ups in India have a painful experience in getting funding in spite of all the much publicised schemes. How will the banks which are flush with domestic funds help in this context. Maybe, that's why they are flush with funds!
Funding is only one part of the story regarding Retail FDI. What about the systems, processes, etc., that will come into the picture. How will banks which are flush with funds help?
Lastly, while almost everyone keeps talking about why there should be no Retail FDI and how it will affect the small trader. No one wants to put on the table anything constructive in terms of helping the small traders and/ or the chain stores.
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