Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Retail signage idea

Recently I saw a promotion signage put up by a small stand alone apparel store. The signage grabbed my attention and would like to share it as it can be easily replicated by other Retailers.
The rough and ready look and feel stands out amidst the digital printed signs one sees everywhere nowadays. My guess is that this store has used some old flex material and spray painted the message. It is a great idea as the urgency comes across very well. Especially when the "Hurry" seems to have been added on in a hurry (pun intended). 
A few suggestions to make this even more effective –
  • Use red paint for some of the key words like shown in the edited picture below.
  • Reduce the text. Use “3” and “1” instead of words.
  • Make the font size of “conditions apply” smaller. I do not mean make it miniscule, just smaller!


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