Monday, January 6, 2014

Indian Retail; Learning from a tender coconut vendor

I recently saw this tender coconut vendor in a locality called Mylapore in Chennai. His name is Mr. Rajkumar and when I asked him about the neatly printed price ticket, he said that he decided to put up the same to attract customers as also avoid bargaining with them.
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Apart from his idea of putting up the price ticket, I was impressed by the attention to detail and execution focus. The signage is printed neatly and more importantly it is placed in an eye catching manner facing the traffic flow.

Execution focus is more about common sense and attention to detail. Something this picture clearly demonstrates. Contrast this with what is often seen in the various Retail stores; missing communication, torn posters, slanted price tickets, etc.

That leads me to the topic of ownership. This vendor is clearly the owner/ operators and you can see him standing proud next to his “store”. Obviously his standards of execution are high.

If Retailers work towards creating a similar sense of ownership amongst the staff, they would also take pride in everything inside a store and a customer’s experience would automatically be of a higher level.


Prasannan B said...


Live Experience... Instant Learning...

Thanks for your update...

tim watson said...

Lovely post. We actually can learn a lot from this.

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