Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Buying Sales, Hundred million at a time!

“Buying Sales” is not necessarily a bad thing unless one does it without having a clear idea about why it is being done. So, what is buying sale?

It is a term used to define very deep discounts and/ or killer deals which will by default lead to very high sales which usually also results in a loss of margins. In effect the Retailer then spends a lot of money to generate that sales, hence the term; “Buying Sales”.

This approach will obviously require deep pockets and unless there is a clear agenda for the same, it ends up as being a waste since it is not easily sustainable.

The recent hype about a eTailer’s one day sale and the resultant deluge of shopper angst coupled with the statements by the eTailer expressing happiness and satisfaction from this promotion makes me wonder about the contradiction. What was the reason and logic for this activity? Were they “Buying Sales” and if so, was it done with an objective?

These questions and also what can be the expected impact of this on eTailing and the other players have been captured in an article published in ET Retail. Click here to read the full article.

Picture Courtesy - www.gpxgroup.com