Sunday, April 25, 2010

Initial Reader Comments/ Feedback

I am delighted with the few feedback/ comments received about "The INDIAN reTALEs". I share with you one such feedback from an academician. I am told that the physical copies of the book should be hitting book stores like Landmark, Higginbothams, Odyssey, etc., by the next week. Please do mail me if you spot the book at any store.

Feedback by -

Dr. Harvinder Singh,
Asstt. Professor,
BIMTECH, Greater Noida
I have completed your book. To begin with, let me thank you for writing such a wonderful book! I read it like a novel and this is the beauty of this book. Reading this book was like a guided tour of the world of retailing. What makes your book more relevant and different from other books is that you have not lost sight of the unorganized retailing. In fact throughout the book you have made contrasts and comparisons with the local stores and their practices. It is important to do so because this is where the competition lies for the moder format stores. Prominent textbooks on retail management completely miss this aspect. It may be OK with American and European authors doing so because their economies have a higher share of organized retail but what makes me feel sad is even Indian authors, while writing textbooks on retail, talk about organized retail only which has about 5-6% share in India.

True life customer stories and experiences in your book are great sources for insight for real-life decision-making. I specially liked the store launch experiences and 15 litre cooking oil packaging situation.

This book would definitely be a part of our library as an important reference. I am sure our students would benefit from this.

Wish your book great success. 


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A very good comment and an inspiring comment....

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