Sunday, November 28, 2010

An unexplored idea – Mobile Retail

As mentioned in my book and a few earlier articles, the vast majority of street hawkers is a massive and undiscovered Retail opportunity. Their network and relationships are strong foundations upon which corporate Retailers as also manufacturers can build sustainable distribution networks. I wonder why no one wants to do this.

Have written about this wonderful potential yet again for The Hindu Retail Plus and the URL for that is as follows –


Sripriya Kesavan said...

Hi Rajesh,

Have gone through the article in The Hindu....

The article deals with something which is very new and very innovative.... especially, the peeler and the gasket..... As a consumer, I go shopping for many big things, but when it comes to buy these small items but are very vital in our household chores, I just miss or postpone.

I think you are totally sinking into Retailing.... and your thinking revolves around Retailing always in anything and everything....

All the best!

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